Intimtiti is an intimate waxing salon which was originally located in Budapest. The salon changed its name to  Naturiti and became national. They profile hasn’t changed. They are still the best on the market with their highly-educated cosmeticians. This packaging project started with a logo redesign. As a first step the client was looking for some logotype which could represents their process in a sophisticated way. This version has remained in the final version what you can see right above this text. I simply deleted the bottom part of the text because it suggests the process of waxing by taking something away. Well, the logotype had its sophisticated meaning what they wanted, but it was not really clear to everyone and that's why we developed it further with an emblem. The logo shows the natural way and material usage of waxing process as a leaf but also quotes the shape of a female body. The packaging design follows the same idea as the logo. Remove a small detail of an intimate body part or highlight it with visual effect. Although it was a nice project to develop, the client decided not to change the whole branding of the company. For another completed project with Naturiti check out the "Naturiti Web Design" project.