I received my fine art master degree at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts where I had to hand in a project which investigates the possibilities of dimensional typography. My idea was to design a typeface with multiple functions. On the one hand a usable typeface and on the other hand a three dimensional object. I wanted to make a relation between typography and public space. My hobby, which is an extreme sport called biketrial, gave me the idea of how could I connect these two. The secondary function relates to a biketrial course. The feature of this extreme sport specify the shape of the 3D characters. The starting point was about to choose the proper typeface "Blender Pro" than transform it. For transformation I had to figure out a modular system. I decomposed the inner shapes of the letters for smaller module pieces, which were simple geometric shapes. Then separated them with different tones and colors. These colors define height in 3D space which also specify the transformation process and work as an infographic system as well, because the riders can decide which part of the course is convenient for them. The 3D form editing is based on my experience of the sport. Last but not least I dressed up the typeface with a brandface because my main goal is to create a Typetrial Park where riders can practice or even more it can be used as a temporary championship course. The next step of the project is the implementation, which probably will require some modification of the characters. Once it's done, it will be time to look for sponsors and build the Typetrial Park.